Summer ABC

Summer ABC

Aqua blue seas splash in the horizon
Butterflies rest on the blossoms of summer
Canary yellow sun blazes in the azure sky
Delicious sherbet melts in the warm weather
Enormous beaches glow golden in the sun
Funny cicadas squeak on evergreen trees
Giggling critters come out to play
Hot weather and drizzles bless the world
Ideal, perfect days to go on a trip
Jaguars lying under the sun, sunbathing
Kangaroos leaping in bliss to welcome the delightful season
Lots of mosquitoes rise from the marshes
Magnificent dragonflies soaring to the sky
Naughty little children make their friends soggy and damp
On a human hand, the insects finish a banquet
Pearls of the sea get pushed on our feet
Quacking ducks paddle in a lake to celebrate the blessing of the nature
Robbers even stop to marvel at the beauty
Snakes lift their heads to gaze at the nature
The once boring world has turned wondrous
Umbrellas are fads, now parasols are trendy
Violet beach balls fly in the air
With the season of summer, the terrain turns bright
Xylophones’ music rings to praise the season
Yowling of hyenas tell that summer has come
Zealous zebras hold a party to rejoice!


One thought on “Summer ABC

  1. You really painted a picture of the season for me! You have made me nostalgic for Australia and the scorching hot days with the chirping cicadas and endless beaches!


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