Pluto – BFF


Two black ears flying in the air,
The tip of her snout as dark as my hair.
Hidden obsidian eyes sparkling with cheekiness,
But yellow fur is the god of sleekness.

A very smart doll shirt, stolen from others,
I put on Pluto, she’s so cute that my heart flutters.
She also has a cape to protect her neck.
If it breaks, my heart will be totally wrecked.

A dog, a special doggy,
Was sent on my birth to me.
And now she is, snuggling in the chair,
When I sit with her, eating a pear.

“Babyish! Dump it! It’s so lame!”
Is it just me, or do your toys look the same?
But Pluto isn’t. She’s special like Santa,
We do everything together, like drinking Fanta.

Pluto, she’s a special buddy of mine,
She looks boring, but she’s more than fine.
She sleeps with me, plays Minecraft with me and eats with me,
And now you know our relationship! Flee!


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