A Ballad Of Time And Space

Tiers of sparkling diamonds and time

Your temporal power roars through

the space where your counterpart rules,sublime

As your shimmering coat shines a wonderful blue

Tiers of glistening pearls and space

Your spacial power rends through

The time that your counterpart controls in grace

How you rule space in elegance, no clue

When time and space wishes together,

Out emerges the human mind

Thinking of willpower, feelings and clever

These three beings you shall find

Creatures of the heart, the will and the brain

Trained to feel joy and burning loss

Taught to remember and explore, knowledge is the name

Told to endure like Christ on his cross

May space and time bless our race forever

May the beings of mind reside in us

May they teach us how to cross the deepest river

And hurl the worries of us like dust.

PS: Hello guys, BONUS QUEST! The prize is a imaginary poetic cookie :3 Can you guess which five Pokemon I am writing ’bout? 😀


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