From the mystical ocelot to the great, majestic tiger,

Prowling, amber eyes fixed on prey.

Spotted serval, tawny lion, striped and golden liger.

Throwback your head, roar, your foes don’t have a say.

From the swift panther to the cutie housecats,

Worshipped as goddesses, paws adorned with silver.

Darting Andean cat, speckled lynx, all great for catching rats,

Quick on your claws, slash, and kick them into the river.

From the exceptional tiglon to the tufted-ear caracal,

Clawing, scarlet dying  brown fur red.

Pale cougar, fast cheetah, the rare African golden cat’s tail

Twirling then aiming a paw, he’s dead.

From the Chinese steppe cats to the fierce jaguars,

Prowling, tail lashing, claws swiping hard.

Pounce at enemies, leaving raw scars

Never, never let down claws or guard.


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