Lone Wolf of the Desert

The sun sweeps over the desert plains

Scorching the sky into dusk

But no one would ever know it contains

The lone wolf of the desert

Pale ginger fur that shifts like the dunes

Light dawn eyes of ashes and cinder

Padding after the streak of sun, like a trance

Its pelt is flaming, scorching, kindled

As the sky turns night-black

It rises up, fur fiery and sparkling

It’s the guardian of the desert, leader of the pack

It’s an Indian Phoenix arising in the darkening

Auburn, sleek fur that pricks up the breeze

Dark blue eyes of the midnight sky

Night-kissed cheeks, stars in its tease

The guardian spreads golden wings to fly

He soars through dunes, lands on cacti

Ruby light trailing after its gorgeous eyes

And a star swept by his cheek, to imply

He was Brahma in disguise

The dawn sheds light on the tired mutt

Who shuffles his aching paws

No one must know he is dog by day but

The Lone Wolf of the Desert with the sapphire eyes


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