silvery strands of

glistening misty pale lace

like pearls from heaven



From the mystical ocelot to the great, majestic tiger,

Prowling, amber eyes fixed on prey.

Spotted serval, tawny lion, striped and golden liger.

Throwback your head, roar, your foes don’t have a say.

From the swift panther to the cutie housecats,

Worshipped as goddesses, paws adorned with silver.

Darting Andean cat, speckled lynx, all great for catching rats,

Quick on your claws, slash, and kick them into the river.

From the exceptional tiglon to the tufted-ear caracal,

Clawing, scarlet dying  brown fur red.

Pale cougar, fast cheetah, the rare African golden cat’s tail

Twirling then aiming a paw, he’s dead.

From the Chinese steppe cats to the fierce jaguars,

Prowling, tail lashing, claws swiping hard.

Pounce at enemies, leaving raw scars

Never, never let down claws or guard.

My own acrostic poem?! :O

Entertaining poet…or not?

Never posting regularly

Chinese and Asian

Her pastime is writing and gaming :3

A fan of Avril Lavigne

Not that famous for a novelist

Tore up a poem one time,displeased

Excitable and energetic

Doves are her favourite animal

Irregular posting time :T

Never-ending surge of creativity

She’s sane…right?

Appalling sense of humour

No peace at home if Mom is angry

Imaginative and kinda irresponsible

Told to post every Sunday but didn’t

YOLO is her favourite phrase (search it up!)

My fellow poets/WordPressians :T

Dear readers/fellow WordPressians,

Enchanted Insanity is in the house (sad tear)

I have new that will make you shiver in fear.

Because class is near

I may not be able to post here.

I will still occasionally write poems on WordPress

But as I told you, I will be posting less.

I feel grief and distress,

But I may need to stop here(God bless)

When Xmas emerges in December,

Yo WordPressians, remember

That I will post a poem in Advent if I don’t have class (again)

Maybe not one, maybe ten! 😀

From the derpy Pokemon poet,

Enchanted(or just Dove)

A Ballad Of Time And Space

Tiers of sparkling diamonds and time

Your temporal power roars through

the space where your counterpart rules,sublime

As your shimmering coat shines a wonderful blue

Tiers of glistening pearls and space

Your spacial power rends through

The time that your counterpart controls in grace

How you rule space in elegance, no clue

When time and space wishes together,

Out emerges the human mind

Thinking of willpower, feelings and clever

These three beings you shall find

Creatures of the heart, the will and the brain

Trained to feel joy and burning loss

Taught to remember and explore, knowledge is the name

Told to endure like Christ on his cross

May space and time bless our race forever

May the beings of mind reside in us

May they teach us how to cross the deepest river

And hurl the worries of us like dust.

PS: Hello guys, BONUS QUEST! The prize is a imaginary poetic cookie :3 Can you guess which five Pokemon I am writing ’bout? 😀

Plastic Dreams II

Lie on the turntable

The work of JayDee

Millions of remixes

Melodic to me.

Valley remix and nonstop remix

Radio edit and Tribal version

They travel the world,

From America to Persian;

Jazzy and rhythmic

Like thumping on a floor

The beat is amazing

I crave for more.

It’s like a turning wheel in your mind

grinding up your thoughts

It’s playing the turntable of our mind

It is the music of the gods.

P.S. To Dad who loves “Plastic Dreams”

Plastic Dreams

Plastic dreams 

Where will you find them?

Certainly not a land

With smiles, giggles and beams

You could rampage the music genre

And ransack the plastic recycle bin

But you will not find Plastic Dreams

Anywhere, I dare.

You could steal every turntable

Or peek into the speakers

But I dare say you won’t find them,

Because no one is able

Plastic Dreams is in our minds

To rejoice when we are musical

It turns the turntable of our minds

But is a tune no man could define

Plastic Dreams is in our heart

To blare from the stereo of our love

It turns the turntable of our feelings

Unknown to man, but bringer of delight