A Plastic Bag

“I am a plastic Bag drifting up and down  
I used to be holding coupons of discount

But an old bloke put me up in the air

Now I’m a flying adventurer, gliding with flair.
I see rivers of pollution and trash and junk

For humans in the lakes, garbage, plunk

I see clouds of waste and land of litter

For they in the nature, kill and spittle .
I stare at suffocated blue tits and jays

Screeching in the misty Beijing haze

I stare at dying dolphins, plastic bag on snout

For they were trapped, with no life or no air to pout.
I gawk at forest fires that mist the sky

For them humans, they smoke and die

I gawk at the tall metropolis and houses

For they tear the chest of the Earth, the louses.
I think of my destiny that sways in the breeze

The fate of the Earth rests upon my knees

But I’m only a frail adventurin’ plastic bag

I’m not a human, not a lion, not a stag .”

The plastic bag drifts past and lands under a tyre.

His skin splits as he is ripped like the strings of a lyre
Quest or not.

Plastic Bag’s tale lives on, 

Inspiring us to save our environment, no scorn.