Like a flicker of hope in a dark space

She sees the pedestrians coming closer

As she brandishes her precious matches with a smile on her face

She realises they aren’t heading for her.

She was once young, wild and free

Dozens of maids and servants surrounding her before

In her hands a bright, amazing destiny

Until all her dreams shattered on the floor.


Her father owed people millions in USD

Her mother an avid drug user

And all the money for her bright excellency

Dissolved at the hands of two losers.

She waits on the step of a rich family

To have the mistress scream in her face

A match is stolen by a beggar violently

And a slipper disappears to slow her pace.

Her mother has told her “You must sell all.”

“If you don’t, go hang yourself, you trashpile”

There is still no one to answer the girl’s mournful call

Unless somebody would stop for a while.

There are three matches left after a brutal beating

From the triads straying on the cold streets

She can hear the Christmas choirs singing

And the frostbite on her feet.

She strikes a match and lights a flare

And closes her glass-bead-like eyes

“It would be nice to have someone care

And take me cruising through the skies.”

Suddenly, an astral prince swoops from the night

Cape mottled with Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn

He takes her to the limit of the Stars’ height

On their flying midnight unicorn.

She falls from the night without her prince

And breaks her ankle in great pain

But she hasn’t forgotten the happiness since

She lit the first match of bliss it contained.

“Magic match, please do give me

A chance to feel love and affection.”

Says the dreamy girl in ecstasy

Ready to embrace her destined attention.

A snowman of frost rises from the ground

Hugging the match girl with more love than everyone

He takes his hat off with a magical sound

And creates a cup of hot cocoa warm as sun.

The match girl feels the snowman die away

As she drinks the cocoa in her hands

She looks at her frozen limbs in awe

Thinking of the faraway taiga lands.

Rubbing the last match with her chest

She wishes deeply in her heart,

“I want to run away from this coldness and unrest,

So match, give me another start!”

Her dead grandmother lands in front of her

With long alabaster hair and rosy cheeks

“Mira, come to me, come closer

I’ll take you to the start you seek.”

Mira feels wings sprout from her back

And she spots her corpse on the frosty lane

She blows a kiss to herself and is taken aback

At the glimmering heaven prepared in her name.

The policemen pry Mira’s dead body into the sunlight

And see the three extinguished matches

One says,” She must have gone in the starlight.

Look at her starry catch.”

A silver star glistens, pinned to her frock

And she has a beautiful smile

To all the policemen’s dismay and shock

She is now a heaven’s child.